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Sample List of Services


The following are examples of projects I have completed for customers as well as technologies I am familiar with. We build applications for small, medium and large businesses, as well as for individuals. If you are looking for a competitive and reliable applications development solution with a history of quality, timing, delivery and support, you've come to the right place.

Custom Application Solutions


Accounts Receivable system

Order Fulfillment management

Website Development

Salesperson performance tracking

Shipping and Billing system

Complete collections application

Car Title Loan application

Home Improvement / Construction

Asset Management and Analysis

Off-site backup and Disaster Solution

Microsoft Office Based Automation

Data conversion from legacy systems

Digital Document Archive and Index

Microcontroller Device Drivers

Digital Circuit board design, derating and BOMS cleaning

Real-time shipping cost analysis

Multi-System Graphics transfer

And many more...

Tools and Technologies


Microsoft .net technology

PHP, Python

Joomla CMS

Mobile Android Apps / Games

Windows Small Business Server




Data Science


Legacy Systems

Open Office

Objective C

GCC / GNU Tools

MatLab modeling

Open Source project utilization

Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, unix

AVR, Atmel, ARM and Analog Devices microcontrollers